About us

The history of Athlete Lab?

Athlete Lab was first established in 2012 in Singapore and Sydney by keen amateur triathletes, Neil Franks and Michael Flynn. Both struggling to balance busy working schedules with training for long-distance races, they developed the idea for Athlete Lab from their own desire for a business-district based training facility that offered something more technical and relevant to using spin bikes.

Following the success in Asia-Pacific and with the growing popularity of both cycling and triathlon in the UK over the last few years, Athlete Lab London made its debut at 110 Cannon Street in Spring 2014.

The future of Athlete Lab

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Why is Athlete Lab different?

The key is, we use real bikes. They offer an accurate reflection of road cycling, which spinning bikes simply don’t. This, coupled with the data we provide to our athletes, the technology within our labs, our coaches and being in absolute prime locations, gives us the edge.

Productive cycling training is based on threshold power. Whoever can hold a higher threshold for the longest will win the races. It is possible to train your threshold and increase the power that you can hold comfortably for around a 30-minute period and that’s exactly what the lab sessions do. Athlete Lab provides training around your individual threshold abilities so you get the most productivity out of your rides.

Harder is not always better.

Our bikes ensure you get to train the specific muscle groups required on a road bike that you need in order to work at your optimal intensity. Spin bikes are different from road or triathlon bikes because the flywheel makes your hamstrings work harder to slow the pedals as they come around. When you’re on a road bike, you pedal against the friction of road resistance and wind resistance, requiring more work from your hip flexors and quadriceps.