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Spring Classics – How Winning Is Done

Spring is upon us and cycling fans will be all over the news updates about the professional cycling calender’s ‘Spring Classics’ – one-day bike races that often take place in volatile spring weather. Combine nasty riding conditions (dust, wind, mud, rain), tough terrain (short, rolling hills, the ubiquitous cobblestones), and massive distances (upwards of 200km) and you get a special breed of cycle races that can be won only by a special breed of cyclists.

Ride Smart

Here are some typical things to look out for so that your next event is not only done strong but smart as well – whether you are a time-trialist, a roadie, a triathlete, or even a mountain biker.

Sprint Training!

Very simply put, sprint training is concerned with improving the generation of speed on the bike via anaerobic energy systems.

Active Recovery: The Importance of Rest Days

You get weaker during workouts; you get stronger during recovery & rest. What we mean by this is that excessive, challenging workouts all the time can leave you too weak, actually decreasing instead of increasing your performance. Having good progression in your performance starts from having an understanding of what exactly training sessions do to […]