Our labs

Athlete Lab has been designed to provide you with the experience of an outdoor bike in a safe, all weather environment giving you the ability to train hard accompanied with highly technical training from our coaches that will help improve your rides on the road and race times dramatically.

When you come into the lab, we make sure you focus on the following:

1 Functional strength
2 Real gears
3 Road bike position
4 Track progress
5 Realtime training data

1  Functional strength

A typical indoor cycling or ‘spin’ bike uses completely different muscles in comparison to a road bike. Our bikes are real road bikes, allowing you to train like a pro cyclist, doing the same sets as them, in a sophisticated, data rich environment.

2  Real gears

Our bikes have real gears and proper groupsets so you can change gear just like you do outside on the road.

3  Road bike position

We fit you onto our Adjustabikes, and the riding position will be identical to that on your road bike. Giving you the opportunity to have a real road bike experience that also makes sure that we are looking after your knees and ITB’s, something that spin bikes don’t do.

4  Track progress

The power you generate on our indoor Adjustabikes is exactly the same as that which you can generate outside, which is why rides in the labs can be compared to outside Strava rides or TrainingPeaks. Ironman athletes often refer to finishing their bike legs (4-6 hour mountainous rides) within 5 minutes of their indoor practice trainer times (assuming they are using best in class trainers).

5  Realtime training data

Watch your accurate real-time data; power metrics, heart rate, cadence, TSS and other key metrics on the screens in front of you as you train. All your data can be automatically updated to Strava or Trainingpeaks as soon as your ride is complete.